We are a small cozy family friendly guest house in Varanasi. Our standards are good , as comfy as a homestay. If you are not looking for a very high standards of larger Hotels, then come and stay with us. We will give you a good company. Monu and his  my wife, mother, father, a little daughter and a sweet cousin give you a glimpse of real India. There are no servants or staff in our house. We do everything by ourselves. We understand that people want comfort and peace so we offer service with minimal intereference. There are many accommodations like guest houses, hostels, lodges, hotels in Varanasi but they are mostly a formal places where you go and stay . You dont really get a chance to socialize in.Thus  you are a guest not a customer for us. You can a have a brief look at what we have over here-

Free wifi .

Free Toilet Paper , Soap and Towels.

Free Hot and Cold Shower.

Free Book Exchange.

Free City Map.

Charged Air Conditioned .

Charged Pickup and Drop off service.

Charged Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Charged Laundry.